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Round the World - Part 1: Singapore

A lot of people have asked me how I have managed to swing this whole three-month-off world travel marathon thing… Long story short, at the end of last I had to sign a 3-month non-compete agreement. A few months later I signed an offer with a new firm that was willing to honor the non-compete, giving me three months to essentially do whatever I wanted, with a job lined up come July. Let me just say I know this was something that not many people are able to experience. I am beyond thankful for this opportunity and know how lucky I am. Life really is short — I decided I needed to take full advantage of this time I was being given, understanding it may never happen again… so off I went.

Australia and New Zealand were two bucket list countries for me, so I decided to center my (first) 2-week trip around them, rounding out the itinerary with Singapore and Bali. After a bunch of research, I was able to lock in fights to Singapore and back from Sydney using miles (shout out to the Chase Reserve card and the 100k free miles for signing up), booked rounds of golf at three top-100 golf courses, and a few hotels (honestly, about half, I was kinda just winging it). When May 2nd finally rolled around, I was finally on my way; first stop, Singapore. Best part of the flight… sitting directly behind Wiz Khalifa who had a show in Seoul (my layover) the next night. Guy must have slept for 12 of the 14 hours… Managed to snap a photo with him on my way out to add to my collection of rappers I hang out with on flights (the other was Andre 3000 on the way back from the Super Bowl).

Upon arriving in Singapore after 30+ hours of travel, I checked into the Marina Bay Sands hotel at 6am (special thanks to Kirk Posmantur and Axcess Worldwide for the hookup there) and headed to the famed infinity pool on the 57th floor to watch the sunrise. Let me just say, the pool lives up to the hype. Place is INSANE. Full album to come in the next few days, but included a couple shots from the top below.

Over my two and a half days in Singapore I tried to get around as much as possible. I played golf, took a double decked bus tour (true tourist style), went to the rain forest, walked around the orchid gardens, went to Arab Street, toured little India, ate at a hole in the wall Chinese restaurant with my buddy Eric, went to the botanical gardens, and hung by the pool. Singapore is literally the hottest place I have ever been in my life, I showered 8 times in less than 3 days. Overall, it was pretty great. Interesting to see a city that has grown so much, so fast, but the U.S. could definitely learn a few things from their planning and infrastructure. If you’re in that region of the world, I would definitely recommend checking it out; a great experience for sure.

Next up is Bali — stay tuned for another post in a couple days!

Harrison Epstein